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São Paulo de Olivença

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São Paulo de Olivença
São Paulo de Olivença is located in Brazil
São Paulo de Olivença
São Paulo de Olivença
Coordinates: 3°27′34″S 68°56′0″W / 3.45944°S 68.93333°W / -3.45944; -68.93333
Kintra Brazil
State Amazonas
MicroregionAlto Solimões
 • Total19746 km2 (7,624 sq mi)
 • Total28,861
 • Summer (DST)DST no longer used
Postal Code

São Paulo de Olivença (first pairt, Portuguese meanin Saunt Paul) is a commonty an a municipality near the wastren edge o the state o Amazonas near the tri-kintra mairch aurie in Brazil. Its population wis 28,861 (2005) an its aurie is 19,746 km².[1] The municipality o Santo Antônio do Içá is locatit aboot 170 tae 175 km ENE an it wis separatit in 1955 frae this municipality.

The ceety is servit bi Senadora Eunice Michiles Airport.

In 2010, the ceety suffered frae a severe landslide, causin road damage. Nae ane wis injured or killed, but mony hames wur lost in the Amazon River.

This ceety, alang wi ither surroondin ceeties, is kent for thair saund export for the makin o cement.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

It wis foondit in 1692 as a mission bi Spainyie Jesuit Samuel Fritz.

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