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Raoul Wallenberg

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Raoul Wallenberg
Passport photo frae Juin 1944
BornRaoul Gustaf Wallenberg
4 August 1912(1912-08-04)
Lidingö Municipality, Swaden
Dee'd17 Julie 1947 (aged 34) (presumed)
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union (presumed)
Alma materVarsity o Michigan
Kent forRichtous Amang the Naitions
PawrentsRaoul Oscar Wallenberg
Maria "Maj" Sofia Wising

Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg (4 August 1912 – disappeared 17 Januar 1945)[1][2][3][4] wis a Swadish architect, businessman, diplomat an humanitarian. He is widely celebratit for savin tens o thoosands[5] o Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the Holocaust frae German Nazis an Hungarian Fascists during the later stages o Warld War II. While servin as Swaden's special envoy in Budapest atween Julie an December 1944, Wallenberg issued pertective passports an sheltered Jews in biggins designatit as Swadish territory.[5]

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