Punta Gorda, Montevideo

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Punta Gorda
Plaza de la Armada
Plaza de la Armada
Street map o Punta Gorda
Street map o Punta Gorda
Location o Punta Gorda in Montevideo
Location o Punta Gorda in Montevideo
Coordinates: 34°53′30″S 56°4′55″W / 34.89167°S 56.08194°W / -34.89167; -56.08194Coordinates: 34°53′30″S 56°4′55″W / 34.89167°S 56.08194°W / -34.89167; -56.08194
Kintra Uruguay
DepairtmentMontevideo Depairtment

Punta Gorda is a barrio (neebourheid or destrict) o Montevideo, Uruguay. It takes its name frae the promontory o Punta Gorda.

Location[eedit | eedit soorce]

It borders Malvín tae the west, Las Canteras tae the northwast, Carrasco Norte an Carrasco tae the northeast an the coastline tae the sooth. The coastal avenue alang Punta Gorda taks on the names Rambla O'Higgins an Rambla República de Méjico, athort which are the beaches Playa de los Ingleses an Playa Verde.

Landmarks[eedit | eedit soorce]

On tap o the promontory is a square which is a pairk an aw, the Plaza de la Armada (umwhile kent as Plaza Virgilio) an it is a tourist hotspot. Anither notable sicht is the Molino de Perez, a historic wattermill, nou hoosin a cultural centre.

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