Paso de la Arena

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Paso de la Arena - Santiago Vázquez
Street map o Paso de la Arena
Street map o Paso de la Arena
Location o Paso de la Arena in Montevideo
Location o Paso de la Arena in Montevideo
Coordinates: 34°49′13″S 56°20′26″W / 34.82028°S 56.34056°W / -34.82028; -56.34056
Kintra Uruguay
DepairtmentMontevideo Depairtment

Paso de la Arena, kent bi the composite name Paso de la Arena - Los Bulevares - Rincón del Cerro - Santiago Vázquez an aw, is a barrio (neebourheid or destrict) o Montevideo, Uruguay. It shares borders wi Lezica - Melilla an Conciliación tae the north an northeast, wi Nuevo París an La Paloma - Tomkinson tae the east an southeast, wi Casabó - Pajas Blancas tae the sooth an wi the Río de la Plata tae the soothwast, wast an northwast.

It is hame tae the Parque Lecocq, a pairk an a zoo, an Parque Punta Espinillo, a seaside recreation aurie. On its sooth side thare are several beaches includin Playa Tortuga, Playa Malo an Playa La Colorada.

Los Bulevares is an aurie north o the Ruta 1 heich-gate, while Rincón del Cerro is an extendit aurie sooth o the Ruta 1 an is anerlie pairtly includit in this composite barrio, while pairt o it is includit in the neebourin barrios Casabó - Pajas Blancas an La Paloma - Tomkinson an aw.

Santiago Vázquez is on the mooth o Santa Lucia river (Barra de Santa Lucia). It is hame tae the Athletic Club Aleman de Remo an tae the Yacht Club de Remo. Twa brigs, an aulder ane an a newer ane, join it wi the San José Depairtment. Sooth o Santiago Vázquez is the homonymous detention facility an further soothwast, at the wastmaist point o Montevideo Depairtment, is the municipal Pairk o Punta Espinillo.

Street map o Santiago Vázquez

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