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Coat of airms o Oleshky
Coat airms
Oleshky is located in Ukraine
Location o Oleshky
Oleshky is located in Kherson Oblast
Oleshky (Kherson Oblast)
Coordinates: 46°38′0″N 32°35′0″E / 46.63333°N 32.58333°E / 46.63333; 32.58333Coordinates: 46°38′0″N 32°35′0″E / 46.63333°N 32.58333°E / 46.63333; 32.58333
Country Ukraine
OblastKherson Oblast
 • Heid o Ceety CooncilHanna Vasylivna Grybovska (PR)
 • Total15.7 km2 (6.1 sq mi)
 • Total30,300
 • Density1929/km2 (5,000/sq mi)
Postal code
Area code(s)+380 5542

Oleshky (Ukrainian: Олешки) is a ceety in Kherson Oblast (province) o Ukraine that frae 1928 tae 2016 wis cried Tsiurupynsk. It is the auldest ceety o the oblast an ane o the auldest in the soothren Ukraine. Population o it is 30,123 (2001).

It wis namit efter Alexander Tsiurupa, the umwhile Soviet Trade Meenister an the chief o Gosplan. Tsiurupa wis born in the ceety which wis renamit efter he dee'd in 1928.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1084 Oleshia, medieval port-ceety, becomes pairt o Kievan Rus
  • 1711-1728 Oleshky Host wis locatit on territory o modren ceety
  • 1784 the dounset o Oleshky wis established that in 1790 became pairt o the Kinburn palanka o Black-sea Cossacks.
  • 1802 the dounset obtained the ceety richts an became the centre o the Dnipro uyezd (povit) o the Taurida Govrenorate.
  • In 1925 town wis renamit tae Oleshky frae Oleshky, its oreeginal name
  • On 21 November 2007 the ceety cooncil acceptit the decision (#296) tae rename the ceety back tae Oleshky.[1] The deputies o the ceety an the distrct cooncils as well as the local cossacks wrote a letter tae the Preses o Ukraine requestin for the decision tae be carriet oot.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • River Konka goes throu the toun an falls in tae Dnieper
  • Oleshky is on the left bank o Dniper
  • Oleshky Sands in a close proximity

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