Hola Prystan

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Hola Prystan (Гола Пристань)
Banner o Hola Prystan (Гола Пристань)
Coat o airms o Hola Prystan (Гола Пристань)
Coat o airms
Hola Prystan is locatit in Ukraine
Hola Prystan
Location o Hola Prystan
Coordinates: 46°31′N 32°31′E / 46.517°N 32.517°E / 46.517; 32.517
Kintra  Ukraine
Oblast Kherson Oblast
 • Total 9 km2 (3 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 • Tot 16,102
Postal code 75600
Aurie code(s) +380-5539
Wabsteid http://www.golapristan-mrada.gov.ua

Hola Prystan (Ukrainian: Гола Пристань, Roushie: Голая Пристань) is a ceety in Kherson Oblast (province) o Ukraine. The Konka River (a tributar o the Dnieper River) flows throu the ceety.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hola Prystan (Roushie - "Golaya Pristan") wis foondit in 1709.

In the years o the Ukrainian Unthirldom[eedit | eedit soorce]

Due tae the support o Deputy Heid o the Regional policy admeenistration, heid o the sooth regions’ depairtment o the Main Depairtment on regional an human resources policy at the Presidential Admeenistration o Ukraine, O.M. Orel, heid o the Kherson state admeenistration Mykola Kostyak, heid o the Kherson region cooncil V.H. Pelykh, heid o the Hola Prystan’ aurie admeenistration A.A. Nosyk, heid o the Hola Prystan’ aurie cooncil H.V. Popov, a nummer o deputies o the Verkhovna Rada an Public deputies o Ukraine totallin 286 fowk (as tae the results o votin on the plenar session) Hola Pristan’ gained the regional toun status on 17 Mey 2013.

Coordinates: 46°31′N 32°31′E / 46.517°N 32.517°E / 46.517; 32.517