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North Holland

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North Holland

Banner o North Holland
Coat of airms o North Holland
Coat airms
Anthem: Ik houd van het groen in je wei!
Location o Noord-Holland in the Netherlands
Location o Noord-Holland in the Netherlands
Lairgest ceetyAmsterdam
 • Queen's CommissionerArthur van Dijk (VVD)
 • Land2,670 km2 (1,030 sq mi)
 • Water1,421 km2 (549 sq mi)
Area rank6t
 • Land2,606,584
 • Rank2nt
 • Density980/km2 (2,500/sq mi)
 • Density rank2nt
ISO 3166 codeNL-NH
Releegion (2005)Catholic 18%
Muslim 8%
Protestant 8%
Hindus 1%

North Holland (Dutch: Noord-Holland [ˈnoːrt ˈɦɔlɑnt] ( listen), Wast Frisie: Noard-Holland) is a province situatit on the North Sea in the northwast pairt o the Netherlands. The provincial caipital is Haarlem an its lairgest ceety is Amsterdam.


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North Holland is a broad peninsulae for the maist pairt, locatit atween the North Sea, Markermeer an the IJsselmeer. Mair nor hauf o the province consists o reclaimit polder land situatit belaw sea level.

North Holland haes five municipalities wi aroond 100,000 or mair inhabitants. They are, in order o size, Amsterdam (in terms o population this is an aw the lairgest municipality in the Netherlands), Haarlem, Zaanstad, Haarlemmermeer, an Alkmaar. Anither seiven municipalities hae a population atween 50,000 an 100,000 inhabitants (them being, in order o size Hilversum, Amstelveen, Purmerend, Hoorn, Velsen, Alkmaar, an Heerhugowaard.) The island o Texel is an aw pairt o North Holland. North Holland haes an aw invited Bonaire, Saba an Sint Eustatius, umwhile pairt o the Netherlands Antilles, tae become pairt o their state. Nae decision haes been reached as o yet.

North Holland maks up a single region o the International Organization for Standardization warld region code seestem, haein the code ISO 3166-2:NL-NH.


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As o Januar 2016, North Holland is dividit intae 48 municipalities (local govrenment). Efter the dissolution o the Netherlands Antilles, three islands in the Caribbean, Bonaire, Saba, an Sint Eustatius, wur affered tae join the province, though the affer haes been neither acceptit nor rejectit.

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