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Banner o Overijssel
Coat o airms o Overijssel
Coat o airms
Anthem: Aan de rand van Hollands gouwen
Location of Overijssel in the Netherlands
Location of Overijssel in the Netherlands
Kintra Netherlands
Caipital Zwolle
Lairgest ceety Enschede
 • Queen's Commissioner Andries Heidema (CU)
 • Land 3.327 km2 (1.285 sq mi)
 • Watter 94 km2 (36 sq mi)
Aurie rank 4t
Population (2006)
 • Land 1,113,529
 • Rank 7t
 • Density 330,000/km2 (870,000/sq mi)
 • Density rank 7t
ISO 3166 code NL-OV
Releegion (2006) Non-releegious 37%
Protestants 29%
Catholic 26%
Muslim 2%
Ithers 6%
Wabsteid www.overijssel.nl

Overijssel (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌoˑvərˈɛi̯səl] ( listen)) (Dutch Law Saxon: Oaveriessel) is a province o the Netherlands in the central eastren pairt o the Kintra. The region haes a NUTS classification o NL21. The province's name means "Lands athort river IJssel". The caipital ceety o Overijssel is Zwolle an the lairgest ceety is Enschede. The province haes a population o 1,113,529 inhabitants.

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