Norlin Airlan natiounal fitba team

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Northern Ireland
Nickname(s)Green and White Army, Norn Iron
AssociationIrish Football Association
ConfederationUEFA (Europe)
Heid coachMichael O'Neill
CaiptainSteven Davis
Maist kaipsPat Jennings (119)
Tap scorerDavid Healy (36)
Hame stadiumWindsor Park
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 36 Steady (19 December 2019)[1]
Heichest25 (Juin 2016)
Lawest129 (September 2012)
Elo rankin
Current 45 Increase 6 (25 November 2019)[2]
Heichest5 or 14 (1882 or May 1986)
Lawest114 (11 October 2013)
First international
 Ireland 0–13 Ingland 
(Belfast; 18 Februar 1882)
As Northren Ireland[citation needit]:
 Northren Ireland 1–3 Scotland 
(Belfast; 3 October 1953)
Biggest win
 Ireland 7–0 Wales 
(Belfast; 1 Februar 1930)
Biggest defeat
 Ireland 0–13 Ingland 
(Belfast; 18 Februar 1882)
Warld Cup
Appearances3 (first in 1958)
Best resultQuairter feenals, 1958
European Championship
Appearances1 (first in 2016)
Best resultRoond o 16, 2016

The Norlin Airlan (Ulstèr-Scotch; in Lallans Northren Ireland) natiounal fitba team represents the kintrie in internaitional fitbaw. Frae 1882 tae 1921 aw o Airlan wis representit bi an aw-Airlan natiounal fitba team, organisit bi the Irish Football Association (IFA). In 1921 the jurisdiction o the IFA wis reducit tae Norlin Airlan follaein the secession o clubs in the suin-tae-be Erse Free State, awtho its team remained the naitional team for aw o Airlan till 1950, an uised the name Ireland til the 1970s.[3][n 1] The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) organises the separate Republic o Ireland naitional fitbaw team.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The last match played as Ireland was 1978 versus Scotland,[4] housomeivver, apairt frae this match, aw Breetish Championship matches haed been played as "Northern Ireland" syne the 1973–74 toornament.[5] In the 1972–73 toornament, the first twa matches wur played as "Ireland" an the third as "Northern Ireland". In the 1971–72 toornament, the first wis played as "Ireland" an the seicont an third as "Northern Ireland". 1970–71 wis the last toornament in which aw matches wur played unner the name "Ireland".[6]

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