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Plaque in Lallans (Canongate, Edinburgh)
Plaque in Lallans (Canongate, Edinburgh)

Lallans (pronounced /ˈlælənz/[1]), a variant o the Scots wird lawlands [ˈlo̜ːlən(d)z, ˈlɑːlənz][2] meanin the lawlands o Scotland, wis tradeetionally uised for tae refer tae the Scots leid as a hail an aw.[3] Mair recent interpretations assume it refers tae the byleids o sooth an central Scotland an the Doric, a term ance uised for tae refer tae aw Scots byleids, is nou for ordinar seen tae refer tae the Scots byleids o north east Scotland.[4]

In Ulster the neologism Ullans jynin Ulster an Lallans is aft uised for tae refer tae a revived literary variety o Ulster Scots. The magazine o the Ulster-Scots Language Society is cried Ullans an aw.

Magazine[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lallans is the name of the magazine o the Scots Leid Associe. It wis foundit in 1972 an is still gangin strang.[5]

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