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UEFA Euro 2016

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UEFA Euro 2016
Championnat d'Europe de football 2016 (in French)
Tournament details
Host kintraFraunce
Dates10 Juin – 10 Julie 2016[1][2]
Tournament statistics
Matches played44
Goals scored88 (2 per match)
Attendance2,007,205 (45,618 per match)
Tap scorer(s)Fraunce Antoine Griezmann(6 goals)

The 2016 UEFA European Championship, commonly referred tae as Euro 2016, wis the 15t European Championship for men's naitional fitbaa teams organised bi UEFA. It endit wi Portugal beirin the gree agin Fraunce.

Teams[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare twanty-fower teams in the championship, mair nor aw the ither times. The championship is on in Fraunce sae Fraunce is pairt o it. It's the first time that Northren Ireland, Iceland, Albanie, Slovakie an Wales taks pairt in the UEFA Euro championship.

Bangstrie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare haes been bangstrie an sanctions fur a few teams fur it, inspecially afore the match aqueish Roushie an Ingland aquiesh the fans o baith teams.

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