Nine Years' War

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Nine Years' War

Siege o Namur, Juin 1692 bi Jean-Baptiste Martin le vieux
DateSeptember 1688 – September 1697[2]
LocationMainland Europe, Ireland, Scotland, North Americae, Sooth Americae, Asie
Result Treaty o Ryswick
Louis XIV recognises William III o Orange as Keeng o Ingland, Scotland an Ireland.
Fraunce retains Alsace (includin Strasbourg) an surrenders Freiburg, Breisach an Philippsburg tae the Holy Roman Empire, regains Pondichéry (efter payin the Dutch a sum o 16,000 pagodas) an Nova Scotia, Spain recovered Catalonie frae Fraunce, an the barrier fortresses o Mons, Luxembourg an Kortrijk. The Duchy o Lorraine wis restored tae Leopold Joseph frae Fraunce.
Grand Alliance:
 Dutch Republic
 Holy Roman Empire
 Sweden (until 1691)
Erse an Scots Jacobites
Commanders an leaders
Dutch Republic Kinrick o Ingland Kinrick o Scotland Keeng William III/II
Dutch Republic Prince Waldeck
Dutch Republic Godert de Ginkell
Kinrick o Ingland Kinrick o Scotland Queen Mary II
Kinrick o Ingland Frederick Schomberg
Holy Roman Empire Duke o Lorraine
Holy Roman Empire Elector o Bavarie
Holy Roman Empire Margrave o Baden
Holy Roman Empire Elector o Brandenburg
Holy Roman Empire Eugene o Savoy
Duchy o Savoy Duke o Savoy
Spain Marquis of Gastañaga
Spain Duke o Villahermosa
Kinrick o Fraunce Louis XIV
Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Luxembourg
Kinrick o Fraunce Marquis o Vauban
Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Boufflers
Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Lorge
Kinrick o Fraunce Nicolas Catinat
Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Noailles
Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Lorges
Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Villeroy
Kinrick o Fraunce Duc de Vendôme
Kinrick o Fraunce Duke o Lauzun
James II o Ingland
Earl of Tyrconnell

The Nine Years' War (1688–97) – eften cried the War o the Grand Alliance, the War o the Palatine Succession, or the War o the League o Augsburg[3] – wis a major war o the late 17t century focht atween King Louis XIV o Fraunce, an a European-wide coalition, the Grand Alliance, led bi the Anglo-Dutch Stadtholder-Keeng William III, Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, King Charles II o Spain, Victor Amadeus II of Savoy, an the major an minor princes o the Holy Roman Empire.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Scotland's airmy wis integratit intae the Inglis establishment
  2. Aw dates in the airticle are in the Gregorian calendar (unless itherwise statit). The Julian calendar as uised in Ingland till 1700 differed bi ten days (efter 1700 the calendar differed bi 11 days till Great Breetain adoptit the Gregorian calendar in 1752). In this airticle (O.S.) is uised tae annotate Julian dates wi the year adjustit tae 1 Januar.
  3. Aulder texts mey refer tae the war as the War o the Inglish Succession, or, in North American historiography as Keeng William's War. This varyin nomenclatur reflects the fact that contemporaries – as well as later historians – viewed the general conflict frae particular naitional or dynastic viewpoints.