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Neil Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong, 1969.

Neil Alden Armstrong (5 August 193025 August 2012) wis an American astronaut an pilot and is kent as the first fowk to walk on the moon. On 20 Julie 1969, Neil Armstrong an Buzz Aldrin landit on the Muin in a small spacecraft that had been sent to the moon usin the Saturn V rocket. The rocket wis callit Apollo 11. They both walkit on the moon, an millions o fowk watchit an heard this event on live televeesion.

Armstrong wis frae Ohio; He veesitit the toun o Langholm in what is the nou the Scots cooncil aurie o Dumfries an Gallowa in 1972, sayin he conseedert it tae be his "hame toun"; it is the tradeetional seat o the Clan Armstrong.