Naitional emblem o Belaroushie

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The Naitional Emblem o Belaroushie

The Naitional Emblem o Belaroushie (Belaroushie: Дзяржаўны герб Рэспублікі Беларусь, Roushie: Государственный герб Республики Беларусь), which replaced the historic Pahonie airms in a 1995 referendum, features a ribbon in the colors o the naitional banner, a cairt o Belaroushie, wheat lugs an a red starn. It is whiles referred tae as the coat o airms o Belaroushie, awtho this is incorrect due tae the lack o several heraldic elements. The emblem is an allusion tae ane that wis uised bi the Byeloroushie SSR, designed bi Ivan Dubasov in 1950. Emblems reminiscent o the times o the Soviet Union are an aa uised bi Tajikistan, Uzbekistan an the region o Transnistrie.

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