Naitional Rally (Fraunce)

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Naitional Rally
Rassemblement national
PresesMarine Le Pen
General SecretarNicolas Bay
FoonderJean-Marie Le Pen[1]
FoonditOctober 5, 1972; 49 years ago (1972-10-05)
Heidquarters76-78 rue des Suisses, 92000 Nanterre, Hauts-de-Seine
Youth weengFront Naitional Youth
Membership  (2015)51551
IdeologyFrench naitionalism[2]
Naitional conservatism[3]
Social conservatism[4]
Richt-weeng populism[4][5]
Poleetical poseetionRicht-weeng[11] tae Far-richt[12][13][14]
Naitional affiliationRassemblement bleu Marine
Internaitional affiliationNone
European affiliationMuivement for a Europe o Naitions an Freedom
European Pairlament groupEurope o Naitions an Freedom
Colours             Blue, White, Reid
Naitional Assembly
2 / 577
2 / 348
European Pairlament
23 / 74
Regional Cooncils
358 / 1,758
General Cooncils
61 / 4,108
Municipal Cooncils
1,545 / 536,519

*Umwhile pairt o the European Richt (1984–89), European Richt (1989–94), Technical Group o Independents (1999–2001) an Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty (2007).

The National Rally (French: Rassemblement national, RN), known as the National Front (French: Front national, pronounced [f]; FN) until 2018, is a socially conservative, an naitionalist, richt[11] tae far-richt [15][16][17][18][19][20] poleetical pairty in Fraunce.

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