Nag Hammadi

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Nag Hammadi
نجع حمادى
Nag Hammadi
Nag Hammadi is located in Egypt
Nag Hammadi
Nag Hammadi
Location in Egyp
Coordinates: 26°03′N 32°15′E / 26.050°N 32.250°E / 26.050; 32.250
Kintra  Egyp
Govrenorate Qena Govrenorate
Time zone EST (UTC+2)

Nag Hammadi (Arabic: نجع حمادى‎, IPA: [ˈnæɡʕe ħæmˈmæːdi]), is a ceety in Upper Egyp. Nag Hammadi wis kent as Chenoboskion (Greek: Χηνοβόσκιον) in classical antiquity, meanin "geese grazing grunds". It is locatit on the wast bank o the Nile in the Qena Govrenorate, aboot 80 kilometres north-wast o Luxor.

It haes a population o aboot 30,000, who are maistly fermers. Sugar an aluminium are producit in Nag Hammadi.

The toun o Nag Hammadi wis established bi Mahmoud Pasha Hammadi, who wis a member o the Hammadi family in Sohag, Egyp. Mahmoud Pasha Hammadi wis a major landhaulder in Sohag, an kent for his strang opposition tae the Breetish occupation.

Mahmoud Pasha Hammadi creatit Nag Hammadi for the indigenous fowk frae Sohag who wur forcit tae abandon their hameland bi the Breetish occupation. In recognition o this, the new toun wis given the name "Hammadi".

The Nag Hammadi Library[eedit | eedit soorce]

Main article: Nag Hammadi library

Nag Hammadi is best kent for being the steid whaur local fermers foond a sealed earthenware jar containin thirteen leather-bund papyrus codices, thegither wi pages torn frae anither beuk, in December 1945. The mither o the fermers burned ane o the beuks an pairts o a seicont (includin its cover). Thus twal o these beuks (ane missing its cover) an the loose pages survive.[1] The writins in these codices, datin back tae the 2nt century AD,[2] comprised 52 maistly Gnostic tractates (treatises), believit tae be a library hidden bi monks frae the nearbi monastery o St Pachomius when the possession o such banned writins, denoonced as heresy, wis made an offence.

The contents o the Coptic-bund codices wur written in Coptic, though the wirks wur probably aw translations frae Greek. Maist famous o these wirks must be the Gospel o Thomas, o which the Nag Hammadi codices contain the amerlie complete copy.

Aw the texts hae been public syne 1975, an are available online.

Nag Hammadi massacre[eedit | eedit soorce]

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The ceety wis the steid o the Nag Hammadi massacre in Januar 2010, wherein aicht Coptic Christians wur shot deid bi three Muslim men.[3] Nineteen Coptic Christians wur attacked althegither.[3][4][5]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 26°03′N 32°15′E / 26.050°N 32.250°E / 26.050; 32.250