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The Monument to Multiculturalism bi Francesco Perilli in Toronto, Ontario, Canadae. Fower identical sculpturs are locatit in Buffalo City, Sooth Africae; Changchun, Cheenae; Sarajevo, Bosnie an Sydney, Australie.

Multiculturalism is the exeestence o multiple cultural tradeetions within a single kintra, uisually conseedert in terms o the cultur associatit wi an aboriginal ethnic group an foreigner ethnic groups. This can happen when a jurisdiction is creatit or expandit bi amalgamatin auries wi twa or mair different culturs (e.g. French Canadae an Inglis Canadae) or throu immigration frae different jurisdictions aroond the world (e.g. Unitit States, Australie, Canadae, Brazil, Unitit Kinrick, New Zealand, an mony ither kintras).