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Coordinates: 56°27′N 6°00′W / 56.450°N 6.000°W / 56.450; -6.000

Mull (or Isle o Mull), is the seicont biggest island in the Inner Hebrides (Scots Gaelic: Muile, pronounced [ˈmulə]), it haes a little bit mair nor 2000 indwallers.

The Isle o Mull aff the wast coast o Scotland.

At 875.35 square kilometres (337.97 sq mi) Mull is the fowert biggest Scots island. Mull haes a coastline o 480 kilometers (300 mi) an its climate is moderatit bi the Gulf Stream. In the 14t century Mull becam pairt o the Lordship o the Isles. Efter the collapse o the Lordship in 1493 the island wis taken ower bi the clan MacLean, an in 1681 bi the clan Campbell. Durin the Hieland Clearances in the 18t and 19t centuries, the population fell frae 10,000 tae less nor 4000 indwallers. The biggest muntain on Mull is ca'd Ben Mull.

Torran Rocks[eedit | eedit soorce]

Torran Rocks is a group o smaw islands an skerries, spans approximatly 15 square mile (39 km2), locatit twa mile (3 km) tae the sooth wast, atween the Ross o Mull an Dubh Artach. Frank Lockwood's Island naur Lochbuie is named efter the godbrither o the 21st MacLean o Lochbuie, wha wis Solicitor General frae 1894 or 1895.[1] Thare are mony castles an ither important constructions, some datin back tae the IXt century.

The Torosay Castle, weel-kent historic monument.

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The "Tour o Mull" is a closit road rally event hauden on the island ivery October bi the 2300 Club. While some weel aff competitors benefit frae superior caurs, the local fowk benefit frae thair ken o the roads an thus onybody can win. The Best Rally In The World (The Best Rally in the Warld) is the teetle o a beuk scrieved bi the foonder o the event Brian Molyneux. Previously sponsorit bi Philips, it haes ben sponsorit since 2005 bi Tunnock's.[2]
  • The Mull Rugby 7's Competition taks place annually in Mey at the Isle o Mull R.F.C's rugby club at Garmony - on the road atween Salen an Craignure.

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