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Whisky (or whiskey) is an alcoholic drink distillt frae grain, aften includin maut, that haes than been aged in widden baurrels.


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The spellin whisky (plural whiskies) is for ordinar uised for thaim that's distillt in Scotland, Canadae, an Japan, while whiskey (wi an e; plural whiskeys) is uised for the speirits distillt in Ireland an the Unitit States; houaniver, the'r exceptions. Internaitional law resers the term "Scotch whisky" for thae whiskies that's produced in Scotland; whiskies produced in ither kintras in the Scotch wey maun uise anither name. Seimilar conventions exists for "Irish whiskey," "Canadian whisky," an "Bourbon whiskey".

The Welsh version is wysgi. The name is derived frae Gaelic uisge beatha (watter o life). (Ither kintras haes thair ain "watter o life" forbye: for exemplar Scandinavie Akvavit, that's name comes frae the Laitin aqua vitae.)

Irish whiskey is for ordinar distillt three times frae melderin. Scots whisky, richt cryed Scotch, is for normal distilt twice, aither frae baurley maut its lane (see single maut whisky), or frae baurley mauts an ither grain mauts that's than mixt thegither. Kentucky whiskey, cryed Bourbon, is for ordinar juist distillt the aince, lik maist ither American an Canadian whiskies.


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Bottles o whisky

Whisky is drunken straucht, wi watter or ice, or mixt wi ither speirits or drinks (lik "Scotch & Coke", "Scotch & Ginger" or "Scotch & Irn Bru").

Whisky is selt in monie styles. Maut whisky conseists o whisky made frae 100 percent mautit grain, an maut whisky frae ae distillery, raither nor blendit, is cryed single maut. The grains uised tae mak maut whisky includes baurley in Ireland, Scotland, Canadae, an the Unitit States, an rye in Canadae an the Unitit States. Pure pot still whiskey is made in Ireland frae a mixtur o mautit an wanmautit baurley. Sindry types o straucht whiskey, sic as rye whiskey, Tennessee whiskey, an Bourbon whiskey is produced in the US that's aged in new, charred, aik baurels. Blendit whisky is made frae a mixtur o monie o the abuin whiskies wi the seimilar grain whisky or neutral grain speirits, that's faur less expensive tae produce nor the ither kinds o whisky. Blends will aamaist aye identifee the kin o base whisky uised, i.e. blendit Scotch, blendit Canadian, or blendit Bourbon. Licht whiskey is a kin o American whiskey made up aamaist hailie o neutral grain speirits, wi smaa amoonts (for ordinar nae mair nor 5–10 percent o the hail volume) o straucht whiskey an sherry eikit for flavor an colourin.

In time syne, maist o the whiskey produced in the US wis "Bottelt-in-Bond" accordin tae the dictates o an 1898 Act o Congress; this practice haes been maistlins discontinued, acause ane o the requirements o the Act wis that sicna whiskey shuid be produced at 100 US alcoholic pruif (50% alcohol bi volume). Nae muckle whiskey this potent is produced in the US oniemair, partially acause o chyngin public gusts but forbye acause an alcoholic content that heich is illegal in monie kintras, leimitin the export mercat for it.

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