Moshe Dayan

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Moshe Dayan
5t Meenister o Foreign Affairs
In office
20 Juin 1977 – 23 October 1979
Prime MeenisterMenachem Begin
Precedit biYigal Allon
Succeedit biYitzhak Shamir
4t Meenister o Defense
In office
5 Juin 1967 – 3 Juin 1974
Prime MeenisterLevi Eshkol
Yigal Allon (Acting)
Golda Meir
Precedit biLevi Eshkol
Succeedit biShimon Peres
7t Meenister o Agricultur
In office
17 December 1959 – 4 November 1964
Prime MeenisterDavid Ben-Gurion
Levi Eshkol
Precedit biKadish Luz
Succeedit biHaim Gvati
4t Chief o General Staff
In office
PresesYitzhak Ben-Zvi
Prime MeenisterDavid Ben-Gurion
Precedit biKadish Luz
Succeedit biHaim Gvati
Personal details
Born20 Mey 1915(1915-05-20)
Kibbutz Degania Alef, Ottoman Empire
Dee'd16 October 1981(1981-10-16) (aged 66)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Poleetical pairtyMapai (1959–1965)
Rafi (1965–1968)
Labor (1968–1981)
ReligionJewish atheism[1][2]
AwairdsDistinguished Service Order
Legion o Honour
Militar service
Allegiance Unitit Kinrick
Service/brainch Breetish Airmy
Israel Defense Forces
Years o service1932–74
Rank Lieutenant general
CommandsChief o General staff
Soothren Command
Northren Command
Battles/warsArab Revolt in Palestine
World War II
Israeli Unthirldom War
Suez Crisis
Sax-Day War
War o Attrition
Yom Kippur War

Moshe Dayan (Kitaigorodsky) (Hebrew: משה דיין‎‎; 20 Mey 1915 – 16 October 1981) wis an Israeli militar leader an politeecian.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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