David Ben-Gurion

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David Ben-Gurion
דָּוִד בֶּן-גּוּרִיּוֹן
1st Prime Meenister o Israel
In office
17 Mey 1948 – 26 Januar 1954
Preses Chaim Weizmann
Yitzhak Ben-Zvi
Precedit bi New office
Succeeded by Moshe Sharett
In office
3 November 1955 – 26 Juin 1963
Preses Yitzhak Ben-Zvi
Zalman Shazar
Precedit bi Moshe Sharett
Succeeded by Levi Eshkol
Chairman o the Provisional State Cooncil o Israel
In office
14 Mey 1948 – 16 Mey 1948
Precedit bi New office
Succeeded by Chaim Weizmann
Meenister o Defense
In office
14 Mey 1948 – 26 Januar 1954
Prime Meenister Himsel
Precedit bi New office
Succeeded by Pinhas Lavon
In office
21 Februar 1955 – 26 Juin 1963
Prime Meenister Moshe Sharett
Precedit bi Pinhas Lavon
Succeeded by Levi Eshkol
Personal details
Born David Grün
16 October 1886(1886-10-16)
Płońsk, Congress Poland
Naitionality Merchant ensign of Vistula ships of Congress Poland.svg Congress Poland
 Ottoman Empire
 Unitit Kinrick
Poleetical pairty Mapai, Rafi, Naitional Leet
Alma mater Varsity o Warsaw
Istanbul Varsity

Aboot this soond David Ben-Gurion  (Ebreu: דָּוִד בֶּן-גּוּרִיּוֹן‎‎, born David Grün on 16 October 1886, dee'd 1 December 1973) wis the first Prime Meenister o Israel an a Zionist leader. Ben-Gurion's passion for Zionism, which began early in life, culminatit in his instrumental role in the foondin o the state o Israel. Efter leadin Israel tae victory in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Ben-Gurion helped big the state institutions an owersaw the absorption o vast numbers o Jews frae aw ower the warld. Upon retirin frae poleetical life in 1970, he muived tae Sde Boker, a kibbutz in the Negev desert, whaur he bided till his daith. Posthumously, Ben-Gurion wis named ane o Time Magazine's 100 Most Important Fowk o the 20t Century.

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