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Max Vasmer

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Max Vasmer.

Max Julius Friedrich Vasmer (28 Februar 1886 – 30 November 1962) wis a Roushie-born German lingueest who studiet problems o etymology o Indo-European, Finno-Ugric an Turkic leids an wirkit on history o Slavic, Easter, Iranian, an Finno-Ugric fowks.

Vasmer wis born tae German parents in Saunt Petersburg an graduatit frae the Saunt Petersburg Varsity in 1907. Syne 1910, he delivered lecturs thare as a professor. Durin the Russian Ceevil War, he wirkit in the Varsities o Saratov an Yuryev (Tartu). In 1921 he settled in Leipzig but later muivit tae Berlin. In 1938–39, he delivered lecturs at Columbia Varsity in New York Ceety. It wis thare that he stairtit tae wirk on his magnum opus, the Etymological dictionar o the Roushie leid. He delivered the eulogy for Professor Aleksander Brückner in Berlin Wilmersdorf in 1939 an he teuk ower the chair o Slavistic studies at the Berlin Varsity.

In 1944, Vasmer's hoose in Berlin wis bombit, an maist o his materials perished. Housomeiver, Vasmer persevered in his wirk, which wis feenally published in fower volumes bi Heidelberg Varsity in 1950–58 as [Russisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help). Vasmer died in Wast Berlin on 30 November 1962.

The Roushie translation o Vasmer's dictionar wi extensive commentars bi Oleg Trubachyov wis printit in 1964–73. It is the maist authoritative soorce for Slavic-leids etymology tae this day. The Roushie version is available on Sergei Starostin's Touer o Babel wab steid.

Anither monumental wirk led bi Max Vasmer wis the compilation o a multi-volume dictionar o Roushie names o rivers an ither bouks o watter.[1] He wis the initiator o a even mair major project, completit bi a team o wirkers efter his daith: the creation o a monumental (11 volumes) gazetteer that includit virtually aw names o populatit places in Roushie foond baith in pre-revolutionar an Soviet soorces.[2]

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