Ma'ale Iron

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Ma'ale Iron

  • מעלה עירון
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • ISO 259Maˁle ʕiron
 • An aa spelledJabal 'Ara (offeecial)
Ma'ale Iron is locatit in Israel
Ma'ale Iron
Ma'ale Iron
Coordinates: 32°32′53.57″N 35°11′51.28″E / 32.5482139°N 35.1975778°E / 32.5482139; 35.1975778Coordinates: 32°32′53.57″N 35°11′51.28″E / 32.5482139°N 35.1975778°E / 32.5482139; 35.1975778
Destrict Haifa
 • TeepLocal cooncil (frae 1996)
 • Tot12,800

Ma'ale Iron (Ebreu: מעלה עירון‎‎, lit. Iron Heights) is an Israeli-Arab local cooncil in Israel's Haifa Destrict an is a pairt o the Wadi Ara region adjacent ae the Triangle. The toun consists o the five Arab veelages o Baiada, Musmus, Salim, Musheirifa an Zalafa. The veelages wur joined thegither in 1996 bi the Interior Meenistry o Israel tae form the local cooncil.[2] Accordin tae the Israeli Central Bureau o Statistics, Ma'ale Iron haed a population o 12,800 indwallers in 2009,[1] maistly Muslims.[2]

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