Jisr az-Zarqa

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Jisr az-Zarqa

  • גִ'סְּר א-זַּרְקָא
  • جـِسـْر الزرقاء
Ebreu transcription(s)
 • ISO 259Ǧissr ˀa-Zárqaˀ
View of Jisr az-Zarqa
View of Jisr az-Zarqa
Jisr az-Zarqa is locatit in Israel
Jisr az-Zarqa
Jisr az-Zarqa
Coordinates: 32°32′N 34°54′E / 32.533°N 34.900°E / 32.533; 34.900Coordinates: 32°32′N 34°54′E / 32.533°N 34.900°E / 32.533; 34.900
Destrict Haifa
 • TeepLocal cooncil
 • Total1.52 km2 (380 acres)
 • Tot11,100
 • Density7,300/km2 (19,000/sq mi)
Name meaninBridge over the Blue

Jisr az-Zarqa (Arabic: جِسْر الزَّرْقَاء‎, Ebreu: גִ'סְּר א-זַּרְקָא‬ lit. brig ower the blue) is an Israeli Arab toun on Israel's northren Mediterranean coastal plain. Locatit juist north o Caesarea athin the Haifa Destrict, it achievit local cooncil status in 1963. Accordin tae the Central Bureau o Statistics (CBS) the toun haed a population o 11,100 residents at the end o 2005. the name Jisr az-Zarqa is a reference tae Taninim Stream, which is kent in Arabic as the "Blue Stream." The mayor is Az-Adin Amash.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Jisr az-Zarqa is the anerlie Arab toun in Israel locatit on the coast o the Mediterranean Sea (tho coastal touns such as Acre, Haifa, an Jaffa hae significant Arab populations). Ither Arab touns alang the coast wur depopulatit durin the 1948 Arab-Israeli War in Israeli militar affensives. Housomeivver, the intervention o Jews frae the neeborin touns o Zikhron Ya'akov an Binyamina, who relied on the population o Jisr az-Zarqa an nearbi Fureidis for agricultural labor, preventit the Israeli authorities frae dispersin the Arab population o the twa touns.[1]

In November 2002, the Caesarea Development Corporation constructit a lairge yirden embankment runnin the lenth o the 160 meter-wide corridor atween the veelage an neeboring Caesarea. The embankment wis biggit tae block oot noise frae the muezzin an celebratory gunfire,[2] and crack doun on frequent property thefts.[3] Residents o Jisr az-Zarqa claim that the naitional pairk in the north, the embankment tae the sooth, the heich-gate tae the east an the sea tae the wast, are keepin the toun frae expandin.[3]

The municipality o Jisr al Zarka is seekin tae promote environmental tourism tae the toun an its beachfront.[4]

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The indwallers o Jisr az-Zarqa are primarily Muslim. Thare hae been unverifeed reports o the existence o a sma commonty o idol worshipers or polytheists an aw, who are the stryndants o the auncient Canaanite an Philistine naitions.[5] The toun haes the lawest average monthly wage o ony locality in Israel at 3,800 New Israeli Sheqel (NIS), or a little ower 1,100 USD.[6] Accordin the Israel Central Bureau o Statistics, Jisr az-Zarqa haes the heichest heich schuil drop oot rates in the kintra at 12% an aw.[7][8]

A wumman frae the toun, Mariam Amash, applee'd for a new identity caird in Hadera in Februar 2008, uisin a birth document issued bi the Ottoman Empire that said she wis born in 1888. If verifee'd bi the Guinness Beuk o Warld Records, this wad hae made her the auldest livin body in the warld at 120.[9][10] Mariam passed awa on 22 Dizember 2012 at the age o 124.[11]

In 1998, the first multiple neer transplant in Israel teuk place atween a couple frae the veelage an a Jewish couple frae Jerusalem.[12]

Panoramic view o Jisr az-Zarqa

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teepical sea-view street in Jisr
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