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Haifa Destrict (Ebreu: מחוז חיפה‎, Mehoz Ḥeifa) is an admeenistrative destrict surroondin the ceety o Haifa, Israel. The destrict is ane o sax admeenistrative destricts o Israel, an its caipital is Haifa. The destrict land aurie is 864 km2 (299.3 mi2).[1]

Accordin tae the Israel Central Bureau o Statistics, at the end o 2005, the population o the destrict stuid at 858,000, o which 71.27% are Jewish, 18.81% are Arab Muslims, 1.78% are Arab Christians, 2.52% are Druze, an 4.9% are "no classified bi releegion", an grew at an average annual rate o 0.8%.[2][3]

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Coordinates: 32°35′N 35°00′E / 32.583°N 35.000°E / 32.583; 35.000