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Lysekil Municipality

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Lysekil Municipality

Lysekils kommun
Coat of airms o Lysekil Municipality
Coat airms
CoontyVästra Götaland Coonty
 • Total695.41 km2 (268.50 sq mi)
 • Laund208.45 km2 (80.48 sq mi)
 • Water486.96 km2 (188.02 sq mi)
 Aurie as o Januar 1, 2014.
 (31 December 2021)[2]
 • Total14,266
 • Density21/km2 (53/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
ISO 3166 codeSE
Municipal code1484
Slävik, Härnäset.

Lysekil Municipality (Lysekils kommun) is a municipality in Västra Götaland Coonty in wastren Swaden. Its seat is locatit in the ceety o Lysekil.

The present municipality wis formit in 1971, when the Ceety o Lysekil (institutit as such in 1903) wis amalgamatit wi Stångenäs an the island o Skaftö.


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Lysekil Municipality borders the municipalities o Sotenäs (in the northwast), Munkedal (north) an Uddevalla (east). The ceety o Lysekil is locatit on the soothren tip o the municipality, bi the Kattegatt strait.

The bay tae the east, markin the border tae Uddevalla, is cried Gullmarsfjorden, or Gullmaren. It is Swaden's anerlie true fjord. It is 25 km lang, atween 1-3 km wide, wi a maximum depth o 118.5 meters. The depth at the mooth is anerlie 20-40 meters on average, leadin tae a destinctive marine life in the fjord. Gullmaren is currently Swaden's anerlie marine natur preservation aurie, an is hame tae several marine research institutes due tae it being an easily studiet microclimate.

Some o the municipal islets are considered pairt o the Gothenburg airchipelago. Mony islets are like sma communities bi thairsels, wi interestin histories o tradin, fishin an stane quarryin in addition tae their scenic natur.


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Due tae its geographical location, the industry haes aaways been dominatit bi fishin, which an aw shows on its coat o airms. Lysekil wis mainly kent as a bathin location in Swaden in the 19t century, due tae its popular bathin hoose datin frae 1847.

The day tourism plays an important pairt in the economy o the municipality.


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Sister ceeties

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Lysekil Municipality haes three sister ceeties:

It haes ane veelage it sponsors an aw:


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