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Metro ceety
Frae top: Vidhan Sabha, Bada Imambara, Ambedkar Park
Frae top: Vidhan Sabha, Bada Imambara, Ambedkar Park
The Ceety o Devesh, Gowden Ceety o East, Constantinople o Indie
Lucknow is locatit in Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates: 26°51′38″N 80°54′57″E / 26.86056°N 80.91583°E / 26.86056; 80.91583
Kintra Indie
StateUttar Pradesh
 • MayorDinesh Sharma (BJP)
 • Metro ceety310.1 km2 (119.7 sq mi)
128 m (420 ft)
 • Metro ceety2,815,601
 • Rank12t
 • Density2,011/km2 (5,210/sq mi)
 • Metro2,901,474
 • OffeecialHindi, Urdu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
226 xxx
Telephone code91-522
Vehicle registrationUP-32
Sex ratio871 /
General Data:[4]



Lucknow (/[unsupported input]ˈlʌkn/; Hindi: लखनऊ, Urdu: لکھنؤ‎, Lakhnaū, IPA: [ˈləkʰnəu] ( listen)) is the caipital ceety o Uttar Pradesh in Indie.[8] Lucknow is the admeenistrative heidquarters o Lucknow destrict an Lucknow diveesion. Straddlin the river Gomti, modren Lucknow is a bustlin an fast growin metropolis wi a population o amaist 3 million (2011), rapidly emergin as a manufacturin, commercial an retailin hub.

Located in what was oreeginally kent as the Awadh (Oudh) region, Lucknow haes aaways been kent as a multicultural ceety, an flourished as a cultural an airtistic caipital o North Indie in the 18t an 19t centuries. Courtly manners, bonnie gardens, poetry, muisic, an fine cuisine patronised bi the Shia Nawabs o Iranian oreegin,[9][10] are weel kent amangst Indies an students o Sooth Asie cultur an history.[11] Lucknow is popularly kent as The Ceety o Nawabs. It is an aw kent as the Gowden Ceety o the East, Shiraz-i-Hind an The Constantinople o Indie.[12]

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