Lina Krasnoroutskaya

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Lina Krasnoroutskaya
Лина Красноруцкая
Kintra Roushie
ResidenceObninsk, Roushie
Born (1984-04-29) 29 Aprile 1984 (age 40)
Obninsk, Roushie SFSR,
Soviet Union
nou Roushie
Hicht1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)
Turned pro1999
Prize money$947,916
Career record131–83
Career titles0 WTA, 1ITF
Heichest rankinNo. 25 (19 Januar 2004)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian Open3R (2004)
French OpenQF (2001)
Wimbledon4R (2001)
US Open2R (2001)
Ither toornaments
Career record60–54
Career titles1 WTA
Heichest rankinNo. 22 (2 Februar 2004)
Grand Slam Doubles results
Australian Open2R (2004)
French Open2R (2003)
WimbledonSF (2003)
US Open3R (2001, 2003)
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Lina Vladimirovna Krasnoroutskaya (Roushie: Лина Красноруцкая; krahs-nah-ROOTS-kah-yuh; born 29 Aprile 1984 in Obninsk, Roushie, Soviet Union) is a umwhile tennis player. In addeetion tae gainin the covetit Junior Warld Nummer 1 (1999), Lina wan the US Open Junior title. She haes housomeivver haed a career blichtit bi injury.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter a successful year in 2001, when she reached the quairter feenals at Roland Garros (seivent youngest player ever tae dae so) an the Wimbledon last 16, as the warld nummer 34 she wis badly injured at the 2002 Australian Open when she obtained an invite frae Hong Kong Tennis Patrons' Association tae play The Hong Kong Ladies Challenge in 2002 efter. She wis no effectively back till Februar 2003 when she climbit back up the rankins (reached 25) efter wins ower Monica Seles, Elena Bovina, Nadia Petrova an then warld nummer 1 Kim Clijsters.

Housomeivver a shoulder injury at the end o 2003, then a liver condition in 2004, follaeed bi stomach problems at the stairt o 2005 meant that she haed considered (Mairch 2005) whether tae continue on the pro tour. In Juin 2005 she annooncit she wad be returnin, but that the return wad be delayed till efter the birth o her first baby in November 2005.

Despite her injuries, she haes earned amaist $1 million in prize money, haes representit her kintra at both junior an senior level, reached a WTA Tier I feenal in Canada (2003), a semi-feenal appearance at Wimbledon in the doubles wi Elena Dementieva (haein beaten the Williams sisters on centre court in the 3rd roond) an runner-up at the US Open in 2003 in the mixed doubles wi Daniel Nestor, who haed 3 match points.

She is presently a commentator on Roushie TV, for NTV Plus.

Grand Slam feenals[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mixed doubles: 1 (0-1)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Outcome Year Championship Surface Pairtner Opponent in the feenal Score in the feenal
Runner-up 2003 US Open Hard Daniel Nestor Katarina Srebotnik
Bob Bryan
5–7, 7–5, 7–6(7–5)

Grand Slam Singles Performance Timeline[eedit | eedit soorce]

To prevent confusion and double counting, information in this table is updated only once a tournament or the player's participation in the tournament has concluded. This table is current through the 2009 US Open (tennis), which ended on September 14, 2009.

Tournament 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Career SR Career Win-Loss
Australian Open 1R 1R 1R Q3 3R Q3 0 / 4 2-4
French Open 1R QF A 2R A A 0 / 3 5-3
Wimbledon 1R 4R A 2R 1R A 0 / 4 4-4
US Open 1R 2R A 1R A A 0 / 3 1-3
Grand Slam SR 0 / 4 0 / 4 0 / 1 0 / 3 0 / 2 N/A 0 / 14 N/A
Grand Slam Win-Loss 0–4 8–4 0–1 2–3 2-2 N/A 22-14 N/A

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