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Street in Lihula.

Lihula (German: Leal) is a toun in Estonie wi a population o 1,614 (as o 2006). It is a centre o a landwart municipality in Lääne Coonty. The castle o Leal (nou: Lihula) wis first mentioned in 1211. It wis the centre o Diocese Saare-Lääne (Ösel-Wiek). On 8 August 1220, the Swadish airmy wis defeatit here bi Estonies in the Battle o Lihula.

For a short period there wis a monument in Lihula, honorin those Estonie sodgers who focht in the German Airmy against the Soviet Union durin Warld War II. Bi the order o prime meenister Juhan Parts, the authorities remuivit the monument an it currently staunds in the Occupation Museum in Tallinn.

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Coordinates: 58°41′16″N 23°50′03″E / 58.687777777778°N 23.834166666667°E / 58.687777777778; 23.834166666667