Kurdistan Wirkers' Pairty

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Kurdistan Wirkers' Pairty
Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK)
Foondit1974 (1974)
Airmed WingFowk's Defence Force (HPG)
Democratic Confederalism[1][2][3][4][5]
Marxism–Leninism (formerly)
Maoism (formerly)
Poleetical poseetionFar-left[6]
Internaitional affiliationKoma Civakên Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Wirkers' Pairty (Kurdish: Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan‎ or پارتی کار که‌رانی کوردستان (Parti Karkerani Kurdistan)), commonly kent as PKK, kent as KGK an umwhile kent as KADEK (Freedom an Democracy Congress o Kurdistan) or KONGRA-GEL (Kurdistan Fowk's Congress) an aw,[7] is a Kurdish organisation which frae 1984 tae 2013 foucht an airmed struggle against the Turkish state for an autonomous Kurdistan an cultural an poleetical richts for the Kurds in Turkey.[8] The group wis foondit in 1978 in the veelage of Fis, near Lice an wis led bi Abdullah Öcalan.[9] The PKK's ideology wis oreeginally a fusion of revolutionary socialism an Kurdish nationalism — awtho syne his imprisonment, Öcalan haes abandoned orthodox Marxism.[10] The PKK is leetit as a terrorist organisation internaitionally bi several states an organisations, includin NATO, the Unitit States an the European Union.[7] In 2013 the PKK ceased fire an began widrawin tae northren Iraq.

The name 'PKK' is uisually uised interchyngeably for the name o its airmed wing, the Fowk's Defence Force (HPG), which wis umwhile cried the Kurdistan Naitional Liberty Airmy (ARGK).[11]

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