Koidula, Põlva Coonty

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Koidula is located in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 57°50′18″N 27°35′40″E / 57.83833°N 27.59444°E / 57.83833; 27.59444
CoontyPõlva Coonty
MunicipalityVärska Pairish
 • Total1

Koidula is a veelage in Värska Pairish, Põlva Coonty, in sootheastren Estonie, on the border wi Roushie. It's locatit few kilometeres northwast o Roushie toun Pechory. Koidula is the border crossin point o Karisilla–Pechory road (nr. 63), Tartu–Pechory an Valga–Pechory railweys. Currently anerly Tartu–Pechory line is open tae fricht traffic, Valga–Pechory is inactive. Syne 2008 a new railwey station is bein biggit in the neebourin Matsuri veelage. This enables the traffic atween Tartu–Pechory an Valga–Pechory lines athoot crossin the Russian border. It is theoretically possible tae be uised for traffic atween Saunt Petersburg Riga an aw.

Koidula haes anerly 1 inhabitant (as o 1 Januar 2011).[1]

Border queue in Koidula.

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