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Saatse is located in Estonie
Location in Estonie
Coordinates: 57°52′54″N 27°47′20″E / 57.88167°N 27.78889°E / 57.88167; 27.78889
Kintra Estonie
Coonty Põlva Coonty
Municipality Värska Pairish
 • Total89

Saatse (Seto: Satserina) is a veelage in Värska Pairish, Põlva Coonty in sootheastren Estonie. It haes a population o 89 (as o 2007).[1]

Saatse an its neebourin veelages (Kundruse, Litvina, Pattina, Perdaku, Saabolda, Samarina, Sesniki an Ulitina) are notable as pairt o Estonie that awtho no an enclave, afore 2008 wisna reachable bi road athoot passin throu Roushie territory for several hunder metres, through an area known as the Saatse Buit. In 2008 a new MatsuriSesniki road wis opened, makkin it possible tae reach the aurie athoot necessarily passin throu the Saatse Buit. This is housomeivver a 15–20 km detour if goin frae Värska.

Saatse wis earlier kent as Korki or Gorki. The present name Saatse haes been derived from a Roushie veelage name Zatšerenje that wis later turned intae Satseri an then Saatse. It's a aurie inhabitit bi Setos, who follae Orthodox tradeetions, an thare is a Seto museum.[2] The museum is a subsidiar o the Seto Talumuuseum (Seto Ferm Museum) at Värska, wis foondit in 1974, an haes 20,000 exhibits includin collections o agricultural implements an machinery, fishin equipment, an pottery.[3]

The auldest biggins in the veelage are the Holy Paraskeva Orthodox Kirk. The current stane biggin replacit a firthen structur frae 1673 an wis constructit in 1801. It haed a 22 metre heich firthen belfry addit in 1839, an wis extendit in lenth in 1884.[3]

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