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Lobotka is located in Estonie
Coordinates: 57°54′59″N 27°42′40″E / 57.91639°N 27.71111°E / 57.91639; 27.71111
Kintra Estonie
CoontyPõlva Coonty
PairishVärska Pairish
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Lutepää is a sma commonty on the Värska tae Saatse gravel road in sootheast Estonie. At first sicht, juist like a thoosan ither veelages in the loch an forest landscape o this region whaur the Roushie - Estonie mairch thraws an birls in a mainner that defees the logic o ilkaday life.

But Lutepää an neebourin veelages Saatse an Ulitina is fair unco for it is ane o the few veelages in the European Union whilk can anerlie be reakit bi travellin throu Roushie. The ae road throu Lutepää cuts, on either side o the veelage, throu Roushie, the Saatse Buit aurie, makkin Lutepää a practical enclave. Nae Roushie visa is required tae drive the road tae Lutepää, but thaim that is in transit bi caur throu the territory o the Roushie Federation arnae permittit tae stop en route.

Lutepää, sma clachan as it is, is scarcely featured in mony maps an guides, but a note aboot this diminutive commonty can be foond at the wab-steid Hidden Europe