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Końskowola is a toun in Sootheastren Poland. It's the caipital o a commune athin Puławy Coonty an the Lublin Voivodeship. It haes 2,188 indwallers (in 2004).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun was incorporatit on Juin 8, 1532. Końskowola wis a mercat toun for the troke o fuid for the local area. In Warld War II, on September 15, 1939, Końskowola wis takken bi German sodgers. Durin the war, the Germans biggit a POW camp an camps for sclave laubour in the toun. The POW camp wis soon stoppit belyve, bit a laubour camp wis there till 1943.

A ghetto wis establishit in the toun, an mony Jews wis relocatit there, includin Jews frae Slovakie. On Mey 8, 1942, the Nazis gaithered mony Jews and transportit them tae a daith camp. In October 1942, the ghetto's population wis killed in a massacre cairrit oot bi German sodgers. Mebbes 800-1000 Jews, including wifies an bairns, wis taen tae a shaw naurhaund, an killed. The ghetto's remaining indwallers wis muived tae anither camp.

Wi the approach of Soviet Union sodgers in the simmer o 1944, the Germans ettlet tae scauder the toun. On Julie 25, 1944, the German sodgers wis attackit bi sodgers fae the Polish resistance. The toun wis bedeen freed frae the Germans.

Coordinates: 51°24′32″N 22°03′10″E / 51.4089°N 22.0528°E / 51.4089; 22.0528