Kirsten Oswald

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Kirsten Oswald

Oswald in 2020
Deputy Leader of the Scots National Pairty in the House of Commons
Assumed office
7 July 2020
LeaderIan Blackford
Precedit biKirsty Blackman
Memmer o Pairlament
for East Renfrewshire
Assumed office
12 December 2019
Precedit biPaul Masterton
Majority5,426 (9.8%)
In office
7 May 2015 – 3 May 2017
Precedit biJim Murphy
Succeedit biPaul Masterton
Chairman & Business Convener
of the Scots National Pairty
Assumed office
3 November 2018
LeaderNicola Sturgeon
Precedit biDerek Mackay
Personal details
BornKirsten Frances Oswald
(1972-12-21) 21 December 1972 (age 51)
Dundee, Scotland
Poleetical pairtyScots National Pairty
Spoose(s)Davinder Bedi
Alma materVarsity o Glesga
WabsteidCampaign website

Kirsten Frances Oswald (born 21 December 1972)[1] is a Scots National Pairty politician an Memmer o Pairlament fur East Renfrewshire. She haes sert as the pairty's Deputy Leader in Wastmeinster sin 2020. She wis furst electit in 2015, wis unseatit in the snap 2017 general election, but wis returnt again in 2019.

Aerly life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Oswald wis born in Dundee an grew up in Carnoustie whaur she went tae Carnoustie Heich Schuil.[2] She attendit the Varsity o Glesga whaur she studied History. In 2008, she flittit tae East Renfrewshire wi her husband an twa loons. Her mither wis Helen Oswald, Provost o Angus Cooncil.[2] Oswald wis heid yin o Human Resoorces at Sooth Lanrikshire College fur twal year.[3]

Political thrift[eedit | eedit soorce]

Oswald becam active in the Scots National Pairty durin the 2014 Scots unthirldom referendum, serrin on the committe o her local Women for Independence (Scots: Wummin fur Unthirldom group, whaur she wis chairged wi local fuid baunk collections.[4]

On 30 Januar, she wis annoonced as the East Renfrewshire constituency in the 2015 general election.[5] Durin her campaign, she wis creiticised fur sendin oot letters tae Conservative voters speirin them fur their support tae beat Labour. Oswald claimt her letters sert tae contrast voter values wi negative campaign tactics frae the Conservatives that focussed on keepin the SNP oot o pouer.[6][7]

She wan the seat wi a majority o 3,718 votes, defeatin Jim Murphy that wis at the time the heid yin o the Scots Labour Pairty. Murphy haed haudit the seat syne Labours laundslide victory aichteen year syne, an demittit frae the Scots Labour leadership on 13 Juin 2015.[8][9]

At the 2017 Unitit Kinrick general election, Oswald wis beaten bi Paul Masterton o the Conservatives, that wan wi a majority o 4,712 votes.[10]

In 2018 she wis electit Chairman an Business Convener o the SNP,[11] replacin then Scots Govrenment Finance Secretar Derek Mackay.[12]

She wis waled as the SNP's candidate fur the East Renfrewshire seat in the 2019 Unitit Kinrick general election,[13] whaur she reteuk the seat wi a majority o 5,426 votes or 9.8% - muckler nor her foregaun majority in 2015.[14]

On 7 Julie 2020, she wis electit as deputy leader o the SNP in the Hoose o Commons, succeedin Kirsty Blackman.[15]

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