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Jim Murphy

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Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy (b. 23 August 1967 in Glesga) is a Scots Labour Pairty politeecian. He wis its convener frae 13 December 2014 tae 16 Mey 2015, an MP frae 1 Mey 1997 tae 30 Mairch 2015. In the Unitit Kinrick General Election on 7 Mey 2015 he lost his seat in Glesga tae the Scots National Pairty an the pairty lost awmaist aw o its seats in Scotland. He resignit as convener an wis succeedit bi Kezia Dugdale on 15 August 2015.

He wis made famous by tauking anent sniffin the glue when he wis asked anent drugs in a pairlamentary debate on cannabis, sayin he didnae ken if he ever sniffed it, but later denied ever takin drugs.[1]


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