Kinrick o Jerusalem

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Laitin Kinrick o Jerusalem
Regnum Hierosolimitanum  (Laitin)
Roiaume de Jherusalem  (Auld French)
Regno di Gerusalemme  (Italian)
Βασίλειον τῶν Ἱεροσολύμων (Auncient Greek)



Banner Coat o airms
The kinrick o Jerusalem an the ither Crusader states in the context o the Near East in 1135.
Caipital Jerusalem (1099–1187)
Tyre (1187–1191)
Acre (1191–1229)
Jerusalem (1229–1244)
Acre (1244–1291)
Leids Laitin, Auld French, Italian (an aa Arabic an Greek)
Releegion Roman Catholicism (offeecial), Greek Orthodoxy, Syrian Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism
Government Monarchy
Keeng o Jerusalem
 -  1100–1118 Baldwin I
 -  1118–1131 Baldwin II
 -  1131–1152 Melisende
- wi Fulk 1131–1143
 -  1143-1152-1162 Baldwin III
 -  1162–1174 Amalric I
 -  1174–1185 Baldwin IV
 -  1185-1186 Baldwin V
 -  1285–1291 Henry II
Legislatur Haute Cour
Historical era Heich Middle Ages
 -  First Crusade 1099
 -  Seicont Crusade 1145
 -  Siege o Jerusalem 1187
 -  Third Crusade 1189
 -  Treaty o Ramla 1191
 -  Siege o Jerusalem 1244
 -  Captur o Acre 1291

The Laitin Kinrick o Jerusalem wis a Catholic kinrick established in the Soothren Levant in 1099 efter the First Crusade. The kinrick lastit nearly twa hundrit years, frae 1099 till 1291 when the last remainin possession, Acre, wis destroyed bi the Mamluks, but its history is dividit intae twa distinct periods. The first kinrick lastit frae 1099 tae 1187, when it wis almaist entirely owerrun bi Saladin. Efter the subsequent Third Crusade, the kinrick wis re-established in Acre in 1192, an lastit till that ceety's destruction in 1291. This seicont kinrick is sometimes cried the Kinrick o Acre.