Kaori Matsumoto

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Kaori Matsumoto
Medal record
Representin  Japan
Weemen's Judo
Olympic Gemmes
Gowd medal – first place 2012 Lunnon -57 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2016 Rio de Janeiro –57 kg
Warld Championships
Gowd medal – first place 2010 Tokyo -57 kg
Gowd medal – first place 2015 Astana –57 kg
Bronze medal – third place 2011 Paris -57 kg
Asie Gemmes
Gowd medal – first place 2010 Guangzhou -57 kg
Asian Championships
Gowd medal – first place 2008 Jeju -57 kg

Kaori Matsumoto (松本 薫, Matsumoto Kaori, born September 11, 1987 in Kanazawa, Ishikawa) is a female Japanese judoka.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kaori Matsumoto stairtit judo at the age o 6.[1] Her favorite techniques are Kosoto gari, Sode tsurikomi goshi an Newaza. She broke her richt shoulder durin heich schuil, her nasal bone an richt elbow durin college, an her richt hand durin the 2009 warld championship due tae an unbalanced diet an finished fifth. Efter those events, she began tae control her eatin habits an learned the importance o fuid eddication. She then wan the Internaitional Conventions championship 7 times in a row, frae the Warld Masters o Januar 2010 tae the Grand Slam Tokyo o December 2010.

She wan the gowd medal in the lichtweicht (57 kg) diveesion at the 2010 Warld Judo Championships. In August 2011, she finished third at the Warld Championships in Paris. In December, she wan the gowd medal at the Grand Slam Tokyo.

In 2012, Kaori wan gowd medals at the Masters in Januar an at the Dusseldorf Grand Prix in Februar. The same year, Kaori Matsumoto wan gowd at the 2012 Simmer Olympics ower Romanie Corina Căprioriu efter the latter wis disqualified durin the gowden score period in the weemen’s -57 kg final, winnin Japan's first gowd medal o the 2012 gemmes an their only gowd in the Judo event.[2]

Efter 2012 Simmer Olympics, she stairtit tae dae volunteer wirk for kids in Japan.[3] Kaori Matsumoto voiced a motorcycle policewoman modeled efter her in the 2013 movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle o Gods.[4]

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