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Juit is a lang, saft, glazie vegetable feebre that can be snuven intae coorse, strang threids. It is produced frae plaunts in the genus Corchorus, faimily Malvaceae.

Juit is ane o the maist affuirdable naitural feebres an is seicont anerly tae cotton in amoont produced an kynd o uises. Juit feebres are composed maistly o the plaunt materials cellulose (major component o plaunt feebre) an lignin (major components o wid feebre). It is sicweys a ligno-cellulosic feebre that is hauflins a textile feebre an hauflins wid.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

For centuries, juit haes been an integral pairt o the cultur o Bengal, in the hail soothwast o Bangladesh an some pairts o Wast Bengal, Indie. Durin the Breetish Raj in the 19t an early 20t centuries, muckle o the raw juit feebre o Bengal wis cairied aff tae the Unitit Kinrick, whaur it wis than processed in mills concentrated in Dundee. At first, endue tae its texture, it coud anerly be processed by hand till it wis diskivered in that ceety that treatin it wi whaul ile, it coud be treatit by machine[1] The industry boomed ("juit wabster" wis a recognised tred occupation in the 1901 UK census), but this tred haed lairgely stintit by aboot 1970 endue tae the kythin o synthetic feebres.

Production[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tap ten juit producers — 2011[2]
Kintra Production (Tonnes)
 Bangladesh 1,743,000
 Indie 1,200,600
 Cheenae 40,000
 Burma 30,000
 Uzbekistan 20,000
   Nepal 16,988
 Vietnam 8,800
 Thailand 5,000
 Sudan 3,300
 Egyp 2,200
Warld 2833041

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