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Internaitional Business Machines Corporation
Treddit as NYSEIBM
Dow Jones Industrial Average Component
S&P 500 Component
Industrie Computer hardware, Computer saftware,
IT services, IT consultin
Foondit Endicott, New York, U.S.
(Juin 16, 1911 (1911-06-16))
Foonder Charles Ranlett Flint
Heidquarters Armonk, New York, U.S.
Aurie served
Key fowk
Ginni Rometty
(Chairman, Preses, an CEO)
Products See IBM products
Revenue Decrease US$ 79.919 billion (2016)[1]
Decrease US$ 13.031 billion (2016)[1]
Decrease US$ 11.872 billion (2016)[1]
Tot assets Increase US$ 117.47 billion (2016)[1]
Tot equity Increase US$ 18.392 billion (2016)[1]
Nummer o employees
380,000 (2016)[2]
Diveesions Financin, Hardware, Services, Saftware

Internaitional Business Machines Corporation, or IBM, is an American multinaitional technology an consultin corporation, wi heidquarters in Armonk, New York, Unitit States. IBM manufactures an mercats computer hardware an saftware, an offers infrastructur, hostin an consultin services in auries rangin frae mainframe computers tae nanotechnology.[3]

The company wis foondit in 1911 as the Computin Tabulatin Recordin Company (CTR) throu a merger o three companies: the Tabulatin Machine Company, the Internaitional Time Recordin Company, an the Computin Scale Company.[4][5] CTR adoptit the name Internaitional Business Machines in 1924, uisin a name previously designatiy tae CTR's subsidiar in Canadae an later Sooth Americae. Security analysts nicknamed IBM Big Blue in recognition o IBM's common uise o blue in products, packagin, an logo.[6]

In 2012, Fortune ranked IBM the #2 lairgest U.S. firm in terms o nummer o employees (433,362),[7] the #4 lairgest in terms o mercat caipitalization,[8] the #9 maist profitable,[9] an the #19 lairgest firm in terms o revenue.[10] Globally, the company wis ranked the #31 lairgest in terms o revenue bi Forbes for 2011.[11][12] Ether rankins for 2011/2012 include #1 company for leaders (Fortune), #1 green company warldwide (Newsweek), #2 baist global brand (Interbrand), #2 maist respectit company (Barron's), #5 maist admired company (Fortune), an #18 maist innovative company (Fast Company).[13]

IBM haes 12 research laboratories warldwide an, as o 2013, haes held the record for maist patents generatit bi a company for 20 consecutive years.[14] Its employees hae garnered five Nobel Prizes, sax Turing Awairds, ten Naitional Medals o Technology, an five Naitional Medals o Science.[15] Notable inventions bi IBM include the automatit teller machine (ATM), the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, the magnetic stripe card, the relational database, the Universal Product Code (UPC), the financial swap, SABRE airline reservation seestem, DRAM, an Watson artifeecial intelligence.

The company haes unnergone several organizational chynges syne its inception, acquirin companies sic as Kenexa (2012) an SPSS (2009) an organisations sic as PwC's consultin business (2002), spinnin aff companies lik Lexmark (1991), an sellin aff product lines lik ThinkPad tae Lenovo (2005).

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