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Hong Kong fowk

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Hong Kong fowk
Tot population
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Hong Kong7,026,400[1]
 Unitit States329,888[3]
 Unitit Kinrick145,000
 New Zealand7,682 (2006)[1]
Hong Kong Cantonese, Hong Kong Inglis
Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity an ither faiths
Relatit ethnic groups
Cantonese fowk, Macanese fowk, ither Han Cheenese
Hong Kong fowk

Hong Kong fowk (Cheenese: 香港人) refer tae the fowk who are frae Hong Kong. The term (an its Cheenese equivalent) haes nae legal definition in Hong Kong. Rather, terms such as Hong Kong permanent resident (香港永久性居民) an Hong Kong resident (香港居民) are uised. Besides bein used byi Hong Kong residents, the term Hong Konger may be uised bi fowk who for ane raison or anither dae no hae legal residence status, but hae spent an extensive period o time in Hong Kong or itherwise hae a strang cultural connection wi Hong Kong. Thus the term is lairgely open tae personal interpretation. Nane o the terms mak reference tae the ethnicity o a body an are unthirlt o Cheenese ceetizenship or residency statuses. The term basically refers tae a body who is frae Hong Kong. Currently maist Hong Kongers are o Cheenese strynd, wi minorities includin those o Indie, Filipino, Indonesie, Pakistani or Vietnamese strynd. Due tae the ane kintra twa systems policy, Hong Kong haes a different poleetical seestem than that o Cheenae, includin a different passport, banner an offeecial leid.

Terminologie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The vast majority o Hong Kong Cheenese hae ancestral ruits frae Guangdong in Mainland Cheenae. Efter aw, the territory haed experiencit a great exodus o fowk in the years leadin up tae the haundower, an yet migration frae Mainland Cheenae in recent years hae brocht aboot migrants who wad prefer tae refer thairsels as Cheenese. Mony locals housomeivver simply refer thairsels as Hong Kong fowk (Hèung Góng Yàhn).

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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