Hmong leid

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lus Hmoob / lug Moob / lol Hmongb
Native taeCheenae, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand,
USA, an French Guiana.
Native speakers
(2.6 million citit 1995–2004)[1]
Pahawh Hmong, Latin
Leid codes
ISO 639-3bluinclusive code
Individual codes:
hmv – Hmong Do (Vietnam)
mww – Hmong Daw (Laos, Cheenae)
hnj – Mong Njua (Laos, Cheenae)
hmz – Hmong Shua (Sinicized)
cqd – Chuanqiandian-cluster Miao
(cover term for Hmong in Cheenae)
hrm – Horned Miao (A-Hmo, Cheenae)
hmf – Hmong Don (Vietnam)

Hmong (RPA: Hmoob) or Mong (RPA: Moob) is the common name for a dialect continuum o the Wast Hmongic branch o the Hmong-Mien/Miao-Yao leid family spoken bi the Hmong fowk o Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, northren Vietnam, Thailand, an Laos.[2] The total number o speakers warldwide haes been estimatit tae be mair than 4 million, includin ower 200,000 Hmong Americans.[3] Some dialects are mutually intelligible while ithers are so distinct as tae be considered separate leids.

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