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Coat o airms o Helsingborg
Coat o airms
Helsingborg is locatit in Sweden
Coordinates: 56°03′N 12°43′E / 56.050°N 12.717°E / 56.050; 12.717
Kintra Swaden
Province Scanie
Coonty Skåne Coonty
Municipality Helsingborg Municipality
Chairter 1085
 • Total 38.41 km2 (14.83 sq mi)
Population (31 December 2010)[1]
 • Tot 97,122
 • Density 2,529/km2 (6,550/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Simmer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Wabsteid www.helsingborg.se

Helsingborg (Swadish pronunciation: [hɛlsiŋˈbɔrj]) is a ceety an the seat o Helsingborg Municipality, Skåne Coonty, Swaden. It haed 97,122 inhabitants in 2010.[1] Helsingborg is the centre o an aurie in the Øresund region o aboot 320,000 inhabitants in north-wast Scanie, an is Swaden's closest point tae Denmark, wi the Dens ceety Helsingør clearly visible on the ither side o the Øresund aboot 4 km tae the wast.

Atween 1912 an 1971 the name o the toun wis offeecially spelled Hälsingborg (rather like Hälsingland but unlike Helsingør an Helsingfors (Helsinki)).

Historic Helsingborg, wi its mony auld biggins, is a scenic coastal ceety. The biggins are a blend o auld-style stane-built kirks an a medieval fortress (Kärnan) in the ceety centre, which haes stuid guard in Helsingborg for ower 600 years, an mair modern commercial biggins. The streets vary frae wide avenues tae sma alley-was. Kullagatan, the main pedestrian shoppin street in the ceety, wis the first pedestrian shoppin street in Swaden.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Helsingborg is ane o the auldest ceeties of Sweden. It haes been the steid o permanent settlement offeecially syne 21 Mey 1085.[2] Helsingborg's geographical position at the narraeest pairt o The Soond made it vera important for Denmark, at that time controllin baith sides o that strait. Frae 1429 the Danes introducit the Sound Duty (Soond Dues), a levy on aw tradin vessels passin through the soond atween Elsinore an Helsingborg.[3] This wis ane o the main incomes for the Dens Croun.

Follaein the Dano-Swadish War (1657-1658) an the Treaty o Roskilde Denmark haed tae give up aw territory on the soothren Scandinavie peninsulae, and Helsingborg became a Swadish ceety. Keeng Charles X Gustav o Swaden landit here on the 5t o Mairch 1658 tae tak possession o the Scanie lands an wis met bi a delegation led bi the bishop o the Diocese o Lund, Peder Winstrup. At that time the toun haed a population o barely 1,000 fowk.[4]

The new situation, being a border toun, caused problems for the ceety. The days o conflict wur no ower. The Danes made many attempts te regain the lost provinces. The last time wis in 1710, when 14,000 invaders landit on the shores near Helsingborg. The Battle o Helsingborg wis focht on the 28t o Februar juist ootside the ceety, which wis badly affectit. It teuk lang time tae recover an in 1770 the ceety haed 1321 inhabitants an wis juist slowly growin.[4]

On the 20t o October 1811 Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, Mairshal o France an croun prince-elect o Swaden (later keeng Charles XIV John) teuk his first step on Swadish soil in Helsingborg on his journey frae Paris tae Stockholm.[5]

Frae the middle o the 19t century onwards, housomeivver, Helsingborg wis ane o the fastest growing ceeties o Swaden, increasin its population frae 4,000 in 1850 tae 20,000 in 1890 an 56,000 in 1930 due tae industrialization. Frae 1892 a train ferry wis put in service, connectin Helsingborg wi its Dens sister ceety Helsingør. A tramwa netwirk wis inauguratit in 1903 an closed doun in 1967. Plans are unnerwa tae reintroduce trams in the ceety.[6]

Industry[eedit | eedit soorce]

Helsingborg is a major regional centre o trade, transport an business. In 2001 Campus Helsingborg, a branch o University o Lund, opened in the umwhile Tretorn rubber factory buildings, oreeginally foondit bi Henry Dunker. Three ferry companies take fowk an cargo tae an frae Denmark aroond the clock. The route is popular wi day-trippers goin tae Elsinore or Copenhagen, or simply enjoyin the views frae the ferries. IKEA, the retailer o furnitur an hame interiors, haes its internaitional corporate heidquairters in Helsingborg. Nicorette the nicotine chewin gum, haes a manufacturin plant there. Ramlösa is a mineral water from Ramlösa Brunn, a soothren suburb o the ceety. Mobile phone developer Spectronic is situatit in Helsingborg an aw.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

The follaein sports clubs are locatit in Helsingborg:

Notable natives[eedit | eedit soorce]

Subdiveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Ceety o Helsingborg is subdividit intae 32 destricts.

The destricts o Helsingborg (Classification an census frae 9 Januar 2006)
1 Norr (3600) 12 Centrum (3347) 22 Närlunda (1125) Map of the districts of Helsingborg
2 Mariastaden (2302) 13 Eneborg (3816) 23 Eskilsminne (1835)
3 Ringstorp (2802) 14 Wilson Park (1988) 24 Gustavslund (2772)
4 Berga (1720) 15 Rosengården (4388) 25 Planteringen (2663)
5 Drottninghög (2708) 16 Husensjö (1564) 26 Elineberg (2115)
6 Dalhem (4530) 17 Sofieberg (1606) 27 Ramlösa (4593)
7* Tågaborg (7113) 18 Adolfsberg (4319) 28 Miatorp (2406)
8 Stattena (2549) 19 Söder (3665) 29 Högasten (1034)
9 Fredriksdal (4202) 20 Högaborg (4017) 30 Ättekulla (3274)
10 Slottshöjden (3621) 21 Fältabacken (930) 31 Råå (3021)
11 Olympia (1843)

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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