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Up tae 1970 there wur three different types o municipalities o Swaden. O the 848 municipalities at the end o that year 132 haed a formal ceety status. On New years day 1971 there wur anerlie 464 o them left, an they wur aw o a unitary type, kommun.

The term stad (ceety or toun) is nouadays aften uised tae describe non-admeenistrative localities or urban auries which constituted the umwhile chairtered ceeties.

A few municipalities (amang them Stockholm an Gothenburg) hae decidit tae uise the term in their names whenever possible. This uisage haes nae legal foundation, but is widely acceptit.

Anerlie the settlements includit on the leet o ceeties in Swaden belang here. For ither touns in Swaden see the Category:Populatit places in Swaden.


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