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Gaithoose o Fleet

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(Reguidit frae Gatehoose o Fleet)
Gaithoose o Fleet
Clock Tour, Gaithoose o Fleet

Gaithoose o Fleet (English: Gatehouse of Fleet) is a toun in the ceevil pairish o Girthon, Kirkcoubrieshire, within the destrict cooncil region o Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland, that his existit syne the mid-18t century, awtho the aurie his been bade in syne a muckle earlier. The muckle o its development wis attributable til the entrepreneur James Murray's deceesion tae built his simmer hame, Cally Hoose, there in 1763. The hoose is noo the Cally Palace Hotel.

Ower the nixt hundred year, the toun developit intae a centre for industry, in particular cotton mills. The wastlin approach til the toun is ringt by the imposin Cardoness Castle. Gaithoose o Fleet is the birthplace o Victorian airtist John Faed. The renount inventor o clockwark mechanisms, Robert Williamson wis kenned an aw to hae set up a warkshap in the toun in 1778, that burnt til the grund (an claimt his life) in 1794.

The toun taks its name frae its location near the mooth o the river cried the Watter o Fleet that empies intae Wigtown Bay at Fleet Bay, an its forgane role as the "Gait Hoose" o "the hoose on the Road o the River Fleet" o tollbooth o the late 18t century stagecoach route frae Dumfries tae Stranrawer, noo the A75 road. It wis a haven alang this route, an vaigers wad aften stap in the aurie raither nor forderin the jurney at nicht acause o the heich nummers o reivers an briganders at the time.

Cally Hoose wis designt by Robert Mylne an built in 1763. The hoose wis sauld in 1933 and becam a hottle, that appent in 1934. It wis uised as a residential schuil for evacuees frae Glesga durin the Seicont Warld War, reappenin as a hottle in the later 1940s.

The sattlement o Anwoth is yin mile til the wast o Gaithoose o Fleet; this is whaur Samuel Rutherford wis meenister frae 1627 til 1636.

Gaithoose his the seicont auldest average population o touns in Scotland.

Jeannie Donnan (1864-1942), "The Galloway Poetess", wis born here afore flittin tae Whithorn in Wigtounshire whaur she bade on George Street an whaur she is commemoratit by a plaque. She wrate poetry aboot local events. Her warks include Hameland: the Poems of Jeannie Donnan, 1907; War Poems, 1915, and The Hills of Hame, 1930. Mony o her poems wis publisht an aw in the Galloway Gazette.[1] Archived 2015-06-12 at the Wayback Machine

The Kirk o the Resurrection, wis built 1971 and it wis designt by Sutherland, Dickie & Copeland. The kirk is lichtit by a dramatic celestory windae. Metal sculptures o the Resurrected Christ an Our Lady by Liverpool airtist Arthur Dooley (1929-1994) wis afore on the sanctuary waw.[2] Syne the closur o this kirk on 1st Februar 2020 and aheid o its demoleetion, the sculptures hae been remuived tae St Andrew an St Cuthbert Kirk in Kirkcoubrie.

The Swallows is an airtwark creatit in willae by local airtist Lizzie Farey an wis an memorial commision.[3] Archived 2019-08-25 at the Wayback Machine The last Mess wis celebratit on 1t Februar 2020 by the Bishop o Gallowa, William Nolan an pairish priest Rev Fr William McFadded. The kirk will be demolisht an the site sauld for hoosin.[1][2]

Pairt o the action o Five Red Herrings, a 1931 Lord Peter Wimsey detective novelle by Dorothy L. Sayers, taks place in Gaithoose o Fleet.

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Gaithoose o Fleet sits at the bottom o the Fleet Valley National Scenic Area (NSA). Cairnsmore of Fleet National Nature Reserve (NNR) is locatit at the tap o the Watter o Fleet catchment [4] Archived 2018-02-21 at the Wayback Machine. Garries Park is central tae Gaithoose o Fleet. The're a restore't mill nixt til the River Fleet, "The Mill on the Fleet.". The road gangs an aw tae an attraction o historical significance, Cardoness Castle. Strands near the toun can be fund at Carrick and Sandgreen. The Cream o' Galloway offers a major veesitor attraction. The Clints o Dromore near the auld Gatehouse of Fleet railwey station provide guid rock-climin.

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