Fowk's Action Pairty

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Fowk's Action Pairty
Chairman Khaw Boon Wan
Secretar-General Lee Hsien Loong
Foondit 1954 (1954)
Heidquarters PCF Biggin
57B New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 463057
Youth weeng Young PAP
Membership 15,000(2000) [1]
Ideology Modren
Social conservatism
Fiscal conservatism
Third Way
Democratic socialism
Poleetical poseetion Centre-richt
Colours White, Blue, Reid
80 / 99

The Fowk's Action Pairty (abbrev: PAP; simplifeed Cheenese: 人民行动党; traditeeonal Cheenese: 人民行動黨; pinyin: Rénmín Xíngdòng Dǎng; Malay: Parti Tindakan Rakyat; Tamil: மக்கள் செயல் கட்சி) haes been Singapore's rulig poleetical pairty syne 1959. It is ane o the twa major pairties in Singapore, the ither bein the Wirkers' Pairty.

Syne the 1963 general elections, the PAP haes dominatit Singapore's parliamentary democracy an haes been central tae the ceety-state's rapid poleetical, social, an economic development.[2] However, it has been criticized for the passin o laws that suppress free speech an ither ceevil liberties.[3][4]

In the 2011 Singapore general election, the PAP wan 81 o the 87 constituency elected (99 tot) seats in the Parliament o Singapore while receivin 60.14% o tot votes cast, the lawest share garnered syne unthirldom.

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