Discovery Channel

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Discovery Channel
Launched June 17, 1985[1]
Awned bi Discovery Communications, Inc.
Pictur format 1080i (HDTV)
480i (SDTV)
Slogan The Warld is Just Awesome.
Kintra Warldwide
Leid Inglish
Heidquarters Siller Spring, Maryland
Sister chainel(s) TLC
Animal Planet
Oprah Winfrey Network
Destination Americae
Investigation Discovery
Discovery Fit & Health
Discovery Science
Militar Channel
Selective TV Inc.
(Alexandria, Minnesota)
K47KZ (Channel 47)
DirecTV 278 (HD/SD)
1278 (VOD)
Dish Network 182 (HD/SD)
C-Band AMC 10-Channel 21
SKY México 251
Dish Network Mexico 402
Sky (UK an Ireland) 520
CableVision (Argentinae) 52
Verizon FiOS 620 (HD)
120 (SD)
Sky Angel 313
AT&T U-Verse 1120 (HD)
120 (SD)

Discovery Channel (formerly The Discovery Channel) is an American satellite an cable specialty channel (also delivered via IPTV, terrestrial televeesion an internet televeesion in ether pairts o the warld), foondit bi John Hendricks an distributit bi Discovery Communications. It is a publicly tradit company run bi CEO David Zaslav. It provides documentary televeesion programming focused primarily on popular science, technology, an history. In the U.S., the programmin for the main Discovery network is primarily focused on reality televeesion themes, such as speculative investigation (wi shaws such as MythBusters, Unsolved History, an Best Evidence), automobiles, an occupations (Dirty Jobs an Deadliest Catch); it also features documentaries specifically aimed at faimilies an yoonger audiences. A popular annual feature is Shark Week.[2]

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