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The end o 3-core cable electrical seestem in the TN-S

A cable is twa or mair weirs runnin side bi side an bondit, twistit, or braidit thegither tae furm a single assembly. The term oreeginally referred tae a nautical line o speceefic length whaur multiple raips, each laid clockwise, are then laid thegither anti-clockwise an shackled tae produce a strang thick line, resistant tae watter absorption, that wis uised tae anchor lairge ships. In mechanics, cables, otherwise kent as weir raips, are uised for liftin, haulin, an towin or conveyin force through tension. In electrical ingineerin cables are uised tae carry electric currents. An optical cable contains ane or mair optical feebres in a protective jacket that supports the fibers.

Electric cables discussed here are mainly meant for installation in biggins an industrial steids. For pouer transmission at distances greater nor a few kilometres see heich-voltage cable, pouer cables, an HVDC.