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Ford Model A (1927–31)

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(Reguidit frae Ford Model A (1927))
Ford Model A
1928 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan
ManufacturerFord Motor Company
AssemblyChester, Pennsylvanie
Chicago, Illinois
Dearborn, Michigan
Jacksonville, Florida
Long Beach, Californie
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Windsor, Ontario
Buenos Aires, Argentinae
Santiago, Chile
Cologne, Germany
Yokohama, Japan
Copenhagen, Denmark
Cork, Ireland
Trafford Park, Ingland
Geelong, Victoria
Nizhny Novgorod, Roushie
Bouk an chassis
ClessFull-size Ford
Body styleA – Chassis

Convertible Sedan (A-400)
Business Coupe
Deluxe Coupe
Special Coupe ('28-29 limited run)
Sport Coupe
Standard Coupe
Deluxe Coupe
Standard Fordor Sedan – Murray
Standard Fordor Sedan – Briggs
Deluxe Fordor Sedan – Murray
Deluxe Fordor Sedan – Briggs
Leatherback Fordor Sedan
Standard Fordor Sedan – Slant windshield
Mail Truck
Panel Truck
Phaeton 2-door
Phaeton 4-door
Deluxe Service Pickup
Roadster Pickup
Deluxe Pickup
Standard Roadster
Roadster Utility
Deluxe Roadster
Sport Roadster
Station Wagon
Taxi Cab
Town Car
Town Car Delivery
Standard Tudor Sedan
Deluxe Tudor Sedan
Wood Panel Delivery

Station wagon
LayootFR layout
PlatformA Chassis
RelatitFord Model AF
Ford Model AA
Ingine201 CID (3.3 L) L-head-4 I4
Transmission3-speed slidin gear manual
Wheelbase103.5 in (2,629 mm)[1]
Lenth165 in (4,191 mm)
Weenth67 in (1,702 mm)
Crib wecht2,265 lb (1,027 kg)
PredecessorFord Model T
SuccessorFord Model B
Ford Model 18

The Ford Model A o 1927–1931 (an aa colloquially cried the A-Model Ford or the A, an A-bane amang rodders an customizers) wis the seicont huge success for the Ford Motor Company, efter its predecessor, the Model T. First produced on October 20, 1927, but no sauld till December 2, it replaced the venerable Model T, which haed been produced for 18 year. This new Model A (a previous model haed uised the Model A name back in 1903–1904) wis designatit as a 1927 model an wis available in fower standard colors, but no black.

The Model A wis produced throu 1931. When production endit in Mairch, 1932, thare wur 4,849,340 Model As made in aw styles. Its successor wis the Model B, which featurt an updatit 4-cylinder ingine, followed bi the Model 18 which introduced Ford's new V8 ingine.

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