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Ernest Rutherford

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Ernest Rutherford

The Richt Honourable Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford o Nelson, PC, OM, FRS (30 August 1871–19 October 1937), wis a New Zealand-born Breetish nuclear physicist.[1] He wis kent as the "faither" o nuclear physics, pioneered the orbital theory o the atom, in his kenspeckle diskiverie o rutherford scatterin aff the nucleus wi his gowd foil experiment.[2]

Rutherford wis born at Spring Grove (nou in Brightwater), naur Nelson. He studied at Nelson College an wan a scholarship for studie at Canterbury College, Varsity o New Zealand, wi three degrees an twa year o resairch at the forefront o electrical technology.[1]

Nobel Prize winner in chemistry 1908.[3]

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